Hyde Brothers, Booksellers
Owner: Sam Hyde
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1428 Wells St.
Ft. Wayne, IN 46808
Monday - Saturday 10 - 6
Sunday 1 - 5

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You can take a virtual trip around the store through Google. The picture on the left is your window inside. Click on that and begin walking the aisles. How cool is that?!

Some of our services: 

~~A history of the store is forthcoming.~~

Our Most Important Employees



Abandoned in her youth, Katy decided to live the exciting life of a bookstore cat. She dropped off her application. After seeing that face, the Hyde brothers couldn't refuse her. She quickly became a favorite with the customers. Even when she appeared in a movie, she remained loyal and refused to move to Hollywood.

Sadly, in August 2007, Katy passed away. She now rests amid the hollyhocks she once roamed. She is greatly missed.


In the spring of 2008, on his way to work, Sam saw a cat walking down the street. He thought, "Now that's a bookstore cat." An hour later, Smokey strolled in the back door of the store. He so obviously belonged, we didn't even make him fill out an application.

In August of 2013, after two years of stuggling health, Smokey moved in with an employee and her family. Even though he appeared to be on the mend and back to good health, Smokey passed away in February 2014. He died peacefully and surrounded by love.

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