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We do not accept Reader's Digest Condensed, Harlequin or Silhouette Romance, College Textbooks. We are extremely selective on magazines and encyclopedias. Always call ahead for buyer availability.

We carry at least one copy of as many good books as we can in the categories and by the authors listed below -- certainly not an exhaustive list. Generally, we buy only books that are in at least very good condition.

CHILDREN’S --- Especially fiction in series: Oz, Anne of Green Gables, Dr. Doolittle, Winnie the Pooh, Chronicles of Narnia, Little House, Boxcar Children, Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames, Trixie Belden, Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, Miss Read, etc.

Classics (especially older copies); Newbery & Caldecott Medal winners; Pulitzer, Nobel, & Booker Prize Winners; National Book Award Winners; illustrated books; older books with decorated covers

Also kids’ nonfiction: history (esp. Landmark series), reference, practical, nature & science, hobbies, woodcraft, scouting

Easy-to-read, esp. Dr. Seuss; Golden books, Dick & Jane readers; any unusually-shaped books, pop-up books, books with recorded sounds

RELIGION — Especially if scholarly: Bibles and other sacred texts; greek and hebrew dictionaries; religious atlases, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other works of reference; commentaries and other works of theology; histories of religion

Any C.S.Lewis, Thomas Merton, Francis Schaeffer, Walter Kaufmann, Henry Nouwen, G.K. Chesterton

GENERAL FICTION — The Beats, Austen, Dostoevsky, Salinger, Twain, Rand, Faulkner, Steinbeck, Hemingway, Palahniuk

FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION — Especially books in series: Tolkien, E.R.Burroughs, C.S. Lewis, Conan books; sword & sorcery series books

Also Dungeons and Dragons, and other role-playing books and games

SF, Fantasy & Horror classics (Verne, Wells, Capek, Lem, Heinlein, Asimov, Simak, Bradbury, Lovecraft, Ellison, Vonnegut, Dick, Farmer, etc.); any published by Gnome Press or Arkham House; any pulps (large old paperbacks on cheap paper w. lurid cover art); pre-1960 paperbacks in VG+ condition

HUMOR — Cartoon books: Pogo, Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County, Outland, Doonesbury, Far Side, Neighborhood

Charles Addams; B. Kliban; R. Crumb and other counterculture cartoonists

Also humor classics: Twain, Joel Chandler Harris, Ade, Thurber, Ogden Nash, Dorothy Parker, etc.

Regional or dialect humor; Vaudeville skits and other comedy routines; pun and limerick collections

NATURAL HISTORY & OUTDOORS — Field & identification guides (esp. in series: Audubon, Peterson’s, Stokes, Golden, etc.)

Classics: Thoreau, Audubon, Muir, Burroughs, Stratton-Porter, Seton-Thompson, Stewart Edward White, Curwood, Deam, Taber, Teale, Dan Beard, Baden-Powell, etc.

Darwin, evolution, creationism

Most books on hunting, guns and shooting, archery, fishing, tracking, trapping, falconry, taxidermy, prospecting, hiking, climbing, caving, canoeing, living off the land, edible plants, survival, camping, scouting

FORT WAYNE AND ALLEN COUNTY — Histories by Brice, Robertson, Griswold, Poinsatte, Ankenbruck, Hawfield, etc.

Most books and magazines published locally, esp. pre-1900; newspapers published pre-1900

Allen County Historical Society or Public Library publications (esp. pamphlets)

Most school yearbooks, sports programmes, church histories, city directories, pre-1940 phone books, city officers’ reports, fire and police department histories, local railroad histories and schedules, local company histories and catalogs

Anthony Wayne, Johnny Appleseed, Philo Farnsworth, and other local notables

Old photos, diaries, scrapbooks, letters, and other documents of more than family interest

INDIANA — State, county, and town histories; atlases, plat books, censuses, directories; pre-1940 maps

Indiana Historical Society publications; state government publications (Dept. of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, etc.)

Outdoor Indiana pre-1960; most Indiana publications pre-1880

College histories, yearbooks, sports programmes, literary magazines

Miami, Potawatomi, Shawnee, and other woodland tribes and languages; Tecumseh, Little Turtle, Richardville, and other leaders. Local missionaries, settlers, Old Northwest.

Indiana authors: James Whitcomb Riley, Lew Wallace, Theodore Dreiser, Kin Hubbard, Wm. Eggleston, Maurice Thompson, Meredith Nicholson, Gene Stratton-Porter, Charles Deam, George Ade, Charles Major, Booth Tarkington, Eli Lilly, Edith Hamilton, Alfred Kinsey, Kurt Vonnegut, Michael Martone, etc.; also T. C. Steele and other Indiana artists

Indianapolis 500, other Indiana auto racing

Indiana basketball

MILITARY — Esp. specific subjects. Civil War, WW I + II, Korea, Vietnam. Campaign and unit histories, field manuals, firsthand accounts

Contemporary journalism, esp. if illustrated, political cartoons

Also pacifist material, civil disobedience, Ban the Bomb

SIXTIES — JFK; MLK; Nixon; civil rights and other protest movements; Beats (Kerouac, Burroughs, Kesey, Ginsberg, Snyder, etc.); Beatles; Stones; The Dead; Rock posters and other psychedelic art; drugs & drug culture; sexual revolution; communes; gurus

In all categories, listed or not, we want (in the words of Gerard Manley Hopkins) "all things counter, original, spare, strange."

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